With every purchase from our first collection, a portion of the proceeds will be donated to the Camp Pathfinder fund for Indigenous Campership. The Algonquin Park camp is providing camperships to Indigenous children, encouraging them to attend a canoe tripping camp in unceded Algonquin ancestral territory, now known as Algonquin Park.

One of the ways Pathfinder meets its mission to families, campers and staff is promoting positive camp relationships with Indigenous peoples. Located on the park’s Source Lake since its founding in 1914, Pathfinder historically revered Indigenous lands and people, but has exchanged its early 20th-century Woodcraft camp practices for authentic observances of respect, advised by scholars and Indigenous educators.

During the tripping season, Camp Pathfinder paddles the Ontario and Quebec routes draining to the Ottawa River, Great Lakes, and James and Hudson bays. Their canoe trips travel lands of the Algonquin, Ojibwe, Cree and Inuit. The senior boys’ trips spend time in Indigenous communities where they learn about community-based knowledge, participate in activities and share meals. These partnerships build strong relationships and allow for an incredible learning experience. Closer to home, the Camp welcomes Algonquin and Cree boys and girls through scholarship and a pilot tripping collaborative.


Photo Credit: Callum McCance