We are Algonquin Motors: a small team of avid motorcycle riders and campers each with a unique connection with the Algonquin region. This is how we celebrate and honour the people, places, and ecology that inhabit this land. 


Our connection is guided by understanding, reverence, and protection. We encourage people to help steward the land, to love and appreciate it as a close relation. Taking care, while making as little impact as possible. To share tools of knowledge and homage, some of which you can find here


Our collections are designed with quality, comfort, and durability in mind while ensuring that our products are sourced from local suppliers with proven track records of ethical manufacturing that minimize impact on the land. Quantities are low to meet our requirements. A portion of each garment’s proceeds are donated to Camp Pathfinder, a youth organization that facilitates canoe-tripping and camping programs across Algonquin Park.